Tanamasi offers a full range of drumming related sales and services.  Visit our “services” page for information on customised drum making.

You can purchase the e-book, Dark Art of the Dunun, which is an analytical approach to bell patterns in West African drumming.  In the book you will learn the “3 almost golden rules” of bell patterns, develop techniques for playing the dunun comfortably, and learn 11 rhythms specifically selected to highlight the more common bell patterns, the 3 rules, and some exceptions.

Of course, you may want to take your drumming to the next level with the 12 month subscription! As a full member, you get exclusive access to:

  • A free copy of the “Dark Art of the Dunun“, the only book of it’s kind to take a pattern-based approach to West African rhythms and bell patterns
  • Access to monthly video lessons taking you through all the parts of a rhythm, referencing the “Dark Art” and the “3 almost golden rules”
  • Access to mp3s of the rhythms to play along with, at slow, medium and fast speeds

To purchase the book or the 12 month subscription, register as a free member first.

Of course, if you have any questions on which approach is best for you, drop us a line