Heirloom & Custom djembes

Yes, we make and sell djembes!

Want to purchase a Djembe?

We craft and build custom djembes to your requirements. If you want to buy a quality handmade, unique djembe that will give you many years of pleasure, look no further. You have found a a quality craftsman who will make a djembe just for you! We also offer other repair services.

Heirloom vs Custom Djembes

Essentially, Heirloom djembes (starting from $750) will last longer, look better, and be more personalized…all the makings of an heirloom to pass down through the generations.

In the example below, our Custom djembe line (starting at $550) is compared a basic shell with the Heirloom package:

Heirloom customCustom djembes include a hardwood shell of your choice, standard rope colours (top row in the picture below), shea butter to protect the shell and African goat skin.

The Heirloom package includes all the above, but with a wider choice of rope colours, and double/triple hitches and rope wrap of your choice.

You will get a comfort bearing edge, oiled shell to deeply protect the wood and individually numbered Heirloom plaque for authenticity.

Included in the price is the first re-skin, allowing Tanamasi to fine tune the fit and sound of the skin, and re-oiling for the life of the djembe.

That is $1050 worth of value for only $750!!  Of course, we have a wider range of higher quality djembes (from Drumskull and Wula) available, pending availability of shells – please contact us for details.  These drums will come from the US, and the price will vary according to the exchange rate and shipping charges, but an estimate on one of these quality shells with the Heirloom package would be approximately $1500.

Coloursdouble hitches

Standard Djembe re-skin


Includes 5mm “Tanamasi” signature rope, thin – medium African goatskin (hair off), in foldover Guinea style or traditional Mali style.

Other services include: Re-welding of rings, Shell repairs, Tackwork, Rubber protective bottoms, Double/Triple hitches and decorative rope wrap
Contact us for specific prices on dundun re-skins, rope, skin or labour only.

Why use Tanamasi for your re-skins?

  • Free pick up and delivery within Canberra – no two-way interstate postage costs (up to $50 saving)
  • Free aftercare if needed – re-tighten verticals, advice on pulling diamonds
  • Double stretched skins – almost no breaking in period – solo pitch straight away!
  • African goatskins – brighter tone due to less fat content than an Australian skin
  • Razor shaved and sanded skins – super smooth playing surface
  • Large range of rope colours for verticals and decorative wraps – personalise your drum with colour
  • 3 month warranty – full replacement within 3 months if the skin breaks (conditions apply)


Jeli Ke (1) full set (1)


Handmade on a lathe, with 6mm round bar striker, these tingers (bell strikers) made from Australian hardwoods are lovely to hold, and beautiful to look at.
Each one is individual, both in the shape and the grain – the two examples below are Acacia and Yellow Box (L) and Purple Heart (R).
Custom orders possible, contact us to discuss your requirements.

$25 each

Tingerspurple heart