Hairy skins and entry level djembes!

With 25 new skins on the way, I can now offer hairy skins in all my re-skins and custom builds for the same price!  So once my last shaved skins are gone, my standard skin will be a hairy one – you can then specify a particular colour to better match your djembe shell.  Most of them will have a predominance of brown/white, but there are sometimes some pretty awesome blacks and spotteds.

Not everyone can afford a top of the range djembe, especially as their first one.  Rather than getting a softwood djembe, or even worse, a plastic one (shudder), I can now offer plantation mahogany Indonesian djembes.  These guys are made on a lathe to the same internal dimensions as the African hardwood ones, so the sound is pretty awesome once I skin it up.  Being a less dense timber, they are lighter, but not quite as loud as the traditional ones.

These guys are perfect as entry level djembes (starting at $400) and will hold their value well when you do decide to upgrade to the cadillac version!!


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